Mansory Has Built A 1000BHP S-Class And It Looks Immense

When a 6.3 AMG isn’t powerful enough.

Throughout history the Mercedes S-Class has always brought pioneering technologies to the road. It was the first car with air bags and the first car to have Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) to name a few. The top of the range models always had great big stonking V12 engines to get you where you needed to go fast and in supreme comfort.

These days however, emission regulations have forced the car industry to downside their engines and produce more eco friendly cars. So Mercedes has opted for a twin turbo 5.5-litre V8, luckily though there are few power hungry tuning companies that have come to our rescue, like German tuning house Mansory. Famous for some pretty ghastly designs of a plethora of high end sports cars – but this time it seems they’ve done a fairly decent job on the Mercedes S63 AMG.

If the standard 585BHP doesn’t quite make you shit yourself every time you plant your right foot you’ll be happy to know Mansory offer a couple of tuning packages than will guarantee excrement while getting from A to B. Fancy 800BHP? No problem, their M800 package delivers just that. No? Want more? How about 1000BHP? No prizes for what that package is called, the M1000. Sadly none of these packages include a supply of Pampers which you will no doubt get through quite quickly.








Aesthetically they’ve gone for a pretty stealthy mafia looking all black everything. If Sauron ever wanted to get his ass out of Mordor he’d probably be rolling in one these, leaving all the hobbits quaking in their boots (yeah, I know, they don’t wear shoes) as he rumbled by faster than the time it would take for Samwise to come after a quick tug from the local Shire whore.

Petrol’s cheap these days so put all the fucks you give aside and burn some rubber.


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