Man’s Facebook Live Video Shows Him Committing Suicide In The Most Horrific Way Possible

Jared McLemore


More and more people seem to be using Facebook Live to perform completely and utterly disgusting acts and the trend shows no sign of stopping, despite the fact that Facebook recently employed 3,000 people to try and put a stop this.

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The latest disturbing video to hit the site comes courtesy of 33-year-old Memphis musician Jared McLemore. In the video – which you can see below – Jared douses himself in kerosene before setting himself on fire and running into the bar where his ex-girlfriend Alyssa Moore was working as an audio engineer. He later died from his injuries.

The video is pretty grim and upsetting and I can’t embed it on here, but if you want to see the full version then head on over to LiveLeak. You can see some of it below:


McLemore allegedly had a history of mental illness and had faced domestic abuse charges after he had strangled his girlfriend and threatened to kill her. It sounds like he was a deeply trouble man. RIP.

If you’re wondering what’s happening in the video when McLemore falls over, that was someone named Paul Garner. He figured out what McLemore was planning to do and heroically tried to stop him, but unfortunately was unsuccessful in his attempt and only seemed to succeed in actually starting the fire. He was rushed to hospital with serious injuries but is said to be recovering now.

For more fire, check out this video of a viral challenge going horrifically wrong. Scary.


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