Norhtern Quarter Riots

Manchester riots started tonight, the Northern Quarter got wiped out pretty bad. I live right there and here’s a video of a Cash Converters getting looted.

Norhtern Quarter Riots

NORTHERN QUARTER RIOTS: Shit has been kicking off wild-style over here in Manchester. I live kind of near the Northern Quarter, which is the part of the city centre that is full of mainly independent stores. I haven’t had a chance to go down and check the damage yet myself (mainly cos I don’t want to get shanked) but friends living in the area have said it’s absolute carnage.

I haven’t seen any riot fails yet but here’s a video taken of a Cash Converters being ransacked next to Leo’s Fish Bar on the main street in the Northern Quarter about an hour ago. If anyone else has got any more home footage please send them over to info@sickchirpse.com and we’ll share them.


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