Pervert Gets Caught Writing Absolutely Disgusting Novel On An Airplane

Plane incest

Seriously revolting content.

Ever look over at the person sitting next to you and take a peek at what they’re looking at on their phone or laptop?

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Almost every single time it’s a completely worthless activity that will probably only make you feel better about yourself for a minute when you decide that whatever you’re looking at is cooler than them. But every now and again you find something completely and utterly killer. This is one of those times, as one dude looked over the aisle to find a guy writing an unbelievably grotesque incest porn novel in front of the whole plane.

Thankfully he was able to grab some snaps of it as well:

Incest 1

Bert eased it out of her asshole, looked at Gregory and nodded. The young man knelt behind his mom and began licking and tonguing her well-stretched asshole.

“God mom, your asshole is still stretched, wow! Mmmmm I love it.” He backed off and showed his family that he could put three fingers into her ass without even pushing.

Kathy looked at her dad, “Would you do that for me someday?” Her dad nodded as her mom managed to…

Incest 2

…enjoyed everything she was doing to him. There was no way he had any cum left in him. She pushed her cunt hard down on Bert’s face as though she wanted it inside her pussy.

He sucked her clit, holding it in between her lips and he whipped it with the tip of his tongue. Gregory stood behind her and slipped first one and then two fingers into her asshole and finger fucked his own mother. The combined sensations finally had their way with her body and her orgasm literally erupted.

Wow. I can’t really follow that literary genius up with any words, can you? That photograph above is the actual dude as well, and I love the way he’s a fat horny balding middle aged man. He was probably sweating and had a hard on when he was writing it too. Absolutely disgusting.

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