A Man Wearing A Joker Mask Was Arrested For Setting Cop Car On Fire In Chicago


Protests and riots are still raging all across America and probably will continue to do so for some time – even if the mainstream media seems intent on not reporting on them for whatever reason – and that means we’re going to keep hearing more horrific and weird stories from the as well.

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The latest one involves someone wearing a Joker mask in Chicago and setting a police car on fire and subsequently getting arrested. 31 year old Timothy O’Donnell was identified by the ‘PRETTY’ tattoo on his neck (not DAMAGED?) – probably should have worn a neckerchief or something to cover that up dude if you wanted the mask to do its job and not just look cool – and admitted to the crime after his apartment was searched and the Joker mask was found.

Here are a few pictures of him caught in the act:

That is actually genuinely terrifying isn’t it? Kinda surprised that more people aren’t taking on the Joker persona during these riots given the popularity of Joaquin Phoenix’s film, but I suppose that this just underlines that the vast majority of people involved are protesting peacefully and have no intention of causing a ruckus. That’s kinda what is needed right now.

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