Man Walks Into A Hospital With A Meat Cleaver In His Forehead


In the movies or video games, if someone gets sliced in the head with a meat cleaver then they’re normally ending up dead, but it turns out that this doesn’t necessarily happen in real life – at least according to this story from the city of Xianning, over in Central China’s Hubei Province.

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The guy arrived at Chongyang People’s Hospital in a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans with the cleaver embedded firmly in his forehead, saying that it had nestled there after an altercation with an unknown assailant. He was accompanied by two friends.

The hospital released a statement saying that he had undergone surgery to have the cleaver removed and that it was successful, but whilst he was no longer in a life threatening condition they were still monitoring him in house. Strangely though, the Tiancheng Police Station is still investigating the incident and says that they don’t have any leads or reports on what happened – surely someone out there must know something?

It’s not like getting a meat cleaver stuck in your head is an every day occurrence, you know? Especially when it doesn’t even kill you. I guess that’s the one thing we’ll take from this story.

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