Man Vs Giant Fish

Man Vs Giant Fish

When you’re leaning off a pier feeding fish the last thing you probably want to happen is for a giant fish to mistake your entire arm for food and to latch onto it and try to eat it. What follows is a pretty epic battle between the man and the fish, and there can be only one winner.

Man Vs Giant Fish

I don’t think I’ve ever really done anything like the guy in this video and I probably won’t ever do anything like it because this is freaking scary. Apparently the dude in the video is called Ryan Reynolds – it’s obviously not THE Ryan Reynolds though because that would have been flagged up right there and then in the headline because he is a serious baller – and he was down in Florida at some place called Robbie’s in Islamorada where I guess you get to feed fish for fun or whatever. I guess normally it would be kind of fun but not if the fish mistakes your arm for a food and jumps out of the water and tries to bite it off. The fish is actually called a Silver King or a Tarpin, but I don’t know anything about fish or what either of those names mean so I’m just going to leave it at that.

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The fight between the the fish and Ryan Reynolds after this fish locks onto his arm is actually pretty epic. Normally you would put your smart money on the guy to beat the stupid fish fairly easily but this fish is not giving up without a fight. Although he manages to get the fish off the arm that he initially clasped onto, the fish jumps across to his other arm and then they have a bit of a scrap on the pier too, where the fish actually manages to use its weight/momentum to drag Ryan Reynolds onto the floor with him. It’s pretty intense and kinda like some kind of zombie movie where the zombie virus has infected the fish and they’re going after everyone. It’s brutal and kinda scary too, I mean I know I wouldn’t want a giant fish biting into my arm, that’s for sure.

The video is made all the more dramatic by the presence of who I can only assume is Ryan Reynolds’ wife who is filming everything. As soon as the fish bites into Ryan she starts screaming really really loud (you might wanna turn your volume down) but of course doesn’t do anything to help him and just keeps filming it like it isn’t a really serious/dangerous situation that Ryan could probably do with some help with. Nah, just scream and film. Typical. Enjoy the video below, and make a mental note never to visit Robbie’s in Florida.

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