Man Shows What Love Is By Sharing Video Of Drugged-Up Girlfriend’s Post-Colonoscopy Farts


This is like nothing you’ve ever heard in your life.

What does true love look like to you? Is it sending a dozen roses to your workplace? Is it updating your relationship status on social media?

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Or, is love simply that moment when you’re comfortable enough to fart around each other? If it’s the latter, then this boyfriend and girlfriend might just be the most in love couple in the whole world.

The footage shows a girl, clearly off her nut on medication, having just had a Colonoscopy at the hospital. About halfway through, between rambling utter nonsense, she lets one rip before describing how she’s worried about the damp patch by her butt.

Love the fact that the dude is just laughing about it all. THIS is couple goals, people.

For the girl who lifted her skirt to light her fart on fire, only to end up shitting all over the floor instead, click HERE. Warning: NSFL.


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