Man Tried To Have Sex With His Girlfriend’s Dog Because He ‘Was Sexually Frustrated’



I can’t even begin to imagine what is going through the mind of someone that has sex with animals. In all honesty, I tend to try to avoid thinking about it. But I can only assume that the pervert in question is suffering from a mental condition which makes them think this sort of behaviour is okay.

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At least, that’s a defence which – if you heard it in court – you could probably accept as an explanation. You might not understand or agree with it, but you can concede that there’s something wrong with the fuck nut trying to dick a dog and it’s not a conscious decision – rather an overpowering, unexplainable impulse.

George Litt doesn’t suffer from a mental condition, though. Or not one he acknowledges, anyway. No, he claims to be of sound mind. Citing instead his sexual frustration as his reason for attempting to initiate sexual intercourse with his girlfriend’s dog. Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve been sexually frustrated in the past I’ve said hello to my little friend Pamela Handerson.  What I’ve never done, however, is considered fucking an animal. Call me a freak if you like, but that’s not really my idea of a good time.

The 61 year old now faces a prison sentence, after West Cumbria Courthouse heard him plead guilty to the charges of attempted intercourse with an animal.

Litt had apparently been visiting the Lake District with his then girlfriend, where they were staying in a caravan. After his partner left with a friend to pick up some things from the other side of the campsite, the man pounced on his partner’s pooch. The partner – who wished to remain unnamed (I can’t imagine why) – then walked in on him in the act. She told the court how she fled the caravan screaming, whilst her friend was so repulsed by the scene that she vomited there and then.

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Litt said that he only tried to have sex with the dog – whose name is Chico – because he was drunk off of the 12 lagers that he had consumed and because he was sexually frustrated after his girlfriend had refused to put out ‘for months’. Someone really needs to tell this guy about masturbation.

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Neil Pilling, defence, explained that his client’s actions had only been ‘preparatory’ and that he had not actually had sex with the animal, whilst Litt reaffirmed this:

I was going to have sex with the dog, but something in my head said ‘no’ so I stopped. I thought ‘This is wrong’.

Well that makes it all okay then, mate. The judge didn’t think so though, and warned that the man should now spend some time preparing for six months in prison and a hefty fine, instead.

Incredibly, Litt and his partner are maintaining a friendship in spite of all of this. Although, she doesn’t let him near her beloved pup anymore:

I don’t want the dog to be where George is.

Poor Chico. This guy should have just moved to Ohio if he want’s to have sex with animals so bad, since they’re considering making the act legal and all.



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