Man Surprises Wife With Breakfast In Bed, She Shoots Him In The Chest

Romance is dead (almost).

Whoops! A romantic husband tried to surprise his wife by making her breakfast in bed but she fired back with a surprise of her own — a bullet to the chest.

28-year-old soldier Zia Zegule pretended he had to go to work then sneakily crept back into house to cook up a big breakfast for his wife Tiffany, who was still in bed. What he hadn’t realised is that he’d set off the burglar alarm on his way back in and Tiffany was waiting with a gun pointed at the bedroom door the whole time he was cooking.

As he entered the bedroom she shot him in the chest, probably sending bacon and eggs flying everywhere, but then thankfully rushed him to hospital where he survived.


And that’s why surprises are so dangerous. You try to do something nice for someone without them knowing and what thanks do you get? A bullet to the chest. A near death experience. That’s why I never surprise people — you’ve always got to let them know what you’ve got in store. You think you’re being really sweet and romantic but really you’re just being a careless moron. Lesson learned.

P.S. Obviously the above doesn’t apply when the surprise is completely awesome, like when this teenage girl with a rare disease got the surprise of her life from her dad.


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