Man Stabs His Friend To Death Over Heated Lionel Messi V Cristiano Ronaldo Argument

Messi Ronaldo

The eternal debate.

If you’re interested in football even in the slightest you’ll probably be aware that there’s a never-ending debate between people over who is better out of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Although there probably won’t ever be a definitive answer, people get so caught up losing their shit about it that apparently it has now actually led to a murder over in India.

The story was published in the Hindustan Times so I’ve no idea how accurate it is, but it tells of a 34 year old Nigerian man named Obinna Michael Durumchukwa whose birthday party got a little out of hand in Mumbai. Apparently the dude had a bunch of people round to celebrate and after everyone had stayed up all night drinking and partying at around 9 a.m. he got into a heated debate about the whole Ronaldo/Messi thing with 24 year old fellow Nigerian Nwabu Chukwuma.

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Obina Michael Durumchukwa

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Tempers rose and Durumchukwa threw a glass at Chukwuma, which missed him and smashed against a wall. Chukwuma’s reaction – to grab a share of the glass and slit his friend’s throat from ear to ear, causing him to bleed out in the apartment and die. No news on what everyone else at the party though of this, or which player either of them were backing.

Chukwuma has been taken into custody and will be charged with murder. It’s absolutely ridiculous that someone would kill their friend over an argument about two football players, so I think it’s essential that the Messi V Ronaldo debate is settled once and for all as soon as possible. Any ideas how we’re going to do that? Maybe check out this video of Lionel Messi going up against a robot keeper to help you decide.


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