Video Shows Man Speeding In Car Just Moments Before The Horror Crash That Killed Him

Car crash

It’s hard to watch.

Chilling footage has been released of a high-performance Audi A8 car driving at 200mph, just moments before it crashed and killed the two people inside.

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The video shows the man travelling along a busy motorway in China, weaving through the traffic and overtaking cars at a high speed. It has been claimed on social media that the footage was taken by the car’s passenger. A man’s voice can be heard stating the car’s speed as he continues to accelerate.

Although the footage does not show the crash itself, it’s still a harrowing watch as you know the fate of these two men and you can see that the car is going at a dangerously high speed. If you watch to the end, you’ll see the damage caused to the car following the crash:

Such a sad and pointless way to go. This serves at a warning to people who try to drive their Supercars at high speeds on regular roads. That sort of driving should be saved for the race track only – it puts both the driver and other motorists at risk.

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