CCTV Footage Shows Man Slapping Woman On Bus For ‘Wearing Hot Pants During Ramadan’

Man slap woman

Brawl on the bus.

A video has emerged showing a man slapping a woman before scrapping with her on a bus, allegedly because she was wearing shorts during the Islamic holiday Ramadan.

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The CCTV footage, which was taken on a bus in Istanbul, Turkey, shows the guy slapping Asena Melisa Saglem as he walks off. The student then admirably fights back, before he throws her to the floor and runs off. What an absolute coward.

Saglam told a local news company that the man had been bothering her during the entire journey:

From the moment I sat down he was making these remarks: “You dress like this during Ramadan? You should feel ashamed to be dressed like that.”

I do not want him to walk around freely because I cannot anymore.

You would think that with CCTV footage like that, the police would arrest him for striking a woman. However, after they captured the culprit, he was later released after saying he was ‘provoked’. I think that’s pretty weak – there’s no words that justify a man touching a woman like that.

Clearly many people agree with my opinion because since the story has gone viral, the police are now looking to detain the man again following a backlash from women’s rights groups. Too fucking right.

If this guy was offended by a woman wearing shorts, just imagine how much he’d kick off if he caught a couple going at it on one.


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