Man Shares Chilling Pictures That Appear To Show The Ghost Of A Dead Baby

Are these real?

Ghost stories are all too prevalent all over the internet and it’s normally fairly easy to debunk them, but every now and again one like this one comes along that is a little too eerie for comfort.

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The story belongs to a guy called Adam Ellis who has been tweeting since August that he can see the ghost of a dead baby in his apartment and that it has been haunting him ever since then. His tweets gradually became more and more dramatic over time, until over the weekend where he actually posted a picture of what he believed to be the ghost in his bedroom.

Check it out and see what you think:

OK so far so good, but you can’t really see anything in those last two pictures can you? However, if you light them up a bit then the results are a lot more creepy:

Err what the heck is that? Definitely looks like a dead baby with a concave head right? Could it possibly be the ghost of a dead baby though that’s haunting this guy and out to get him?

I mean, probably not right, but I suppose you’ve gotta give this Adam guy credit for crafting out a pretty long and elaborate prank and getting the results from it that he wanted – his retweets are going through the roof right now. He also hasn’t tweeted since posting those pictures, which only adds to the mystery even more – did the baby get him?

Again, probably not and he’s just surprised by how viral his little prank has gone and doesn’t really know how to deal with it, but I guess we’ll never know for sure unless we hear from him again. I’m hoping he made it out alive and felling that he probably did though. No way a dead baby is after him in reality, right?

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