The Man Set For The First Human Head Transplant Has Cancelled It After Marrying A Total Babe


Fair play.

We heard a lot about this crazy doctor who wanted to try and perform a human head transplant a couple of years ago, but the whole thing has been largely silent recently and it turns out that it may have been because his subject has cancelled the operation after falling in love.

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33 year old Valery Spiridonov had been willing to take part in Dr. Canavero’s experimental surgery as the rare condition of Werdnig-Hoffman disease meant that he was confined to a wheelchair and had a very low life expectancy. He had previously stated that he didn’t have anything to lose and everything to gain – but it looks like his opinion on the subject has changed after he met Anastasia Panfilova.

The pair were recently married in Moscow and welcomed their baby son into the world and Valery stated that he now had something to live for and as such would not be going through with the surgery:


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We lived in the same city, and often met on professional matters and soon realised that we felt really good together.

She has several degrees. We got married a little over one year ago in Moscow.

I do not regret it that Canavero did not reach the final goal – or did reach it, and failed. This was just a normal working process.

The only thing we lack from him is more publicity.

Everybody would have benefited from information what went wrong in China and why. I don’t have such information today and it does not help the further research.

I do hope Canavero will publish it in detail one day.

I feel a weight lifted off my chest. I never had a vain motive to become the first.

I gave two years of my life to this project. I will be glad to see it happening [with someone else].

I am deeply grateful to Canavero.

Thanks to our joint efforts, a lot is changing for the better, and for me too.


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Kinda sounds like there’s something both of them aren’t telling us about what happened in China doesn’t it. Even so though I’m stoked for the guy as it seems like he’s completely smashed it with his super hot wife and is now raising a family in America where he’s studying the computer analysis of emotions. Guy killed it – all the best to him and his family. And Dr Canavero too of course. I guess there’s hope for all of us.

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