Man Sacked From Job Because His Farts Are So Rancid They Overpower The Entire Office

Rich Clem Farting

To be fair, that is a major problem.

Rich Clem worked at Case Pork Roll Company – a meat wholesaler – in Trenton, New Jersey with his wife Louann who is alleging that he was recently fired from his role because his farts were so stinky that they literally overpowered the entire office.

To be fair, that’s a good a reason as any to fire someone if you ask me because if it really was that stinky in the office then people would be getting up for smoke breaks all the time. Hell, if there was that much methane in the air they might even blow up the office when they were taking one.

Louann has a bunch of evidence to back her claim up though, saying that her husband had gastric band surgery and since then has been plagued by bad diarrhoea and farting, which sounds legit. She also said that the president of the business Thomas Dolan constantly harassed him, telling him that the smell he was creating was overpowering the office and that he needed to work from home more often.

Apparently Dolan said that the smell was overpowering the meat product and making guests not want to visit the office. He also questioned whether Rich was following doctor’s orders. It’s his behaviour that really forms the basis of the Clems’ case.

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The owner of the business Tom Grieb has a very different story though:

Business wasn’t good. They didn’t want to take a pay cut and walked out. Neither one were fired. They are just saying that.

They were never discriminated against. Even I took a pay cut. He refused and he just walked out. That was the end of it.

Grieb claims that both Louann and Rich filed discrimination complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission following their exits from the job, and that Louann’s has already been dismissed which is why she has now decided to sue. Rich’s is still pending as he’s a 420 pound man (no surprises there) and has an obesity disability.

It seems unlikely that this guy could actually produce a fart that was so bad that everyone in the office would complain about it, but the fact that he had gastric band surgery and was obese certainly makes it more believable. If business was going down the shitter too (sorry for the pun) then it’s certainly possible that Dolan might have made him the scapegoat for it with his farts and targeted him to try and make himself feel better for running a failing business.

Grieb’s story sounds more believable though because the whole farting thing is a bit of a a leap in logic. However, having said that the Clems must be pretty desperate for cash if they’ve made something so monumentally embarrassing up to try and get it. This is New Jersey though, so literally anything goes.

I really don’t know what the truth about it is though so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if this case ever goes to court and get settled. It’s certainly going to be a hoot for the jury that day though.

If only they had installed a thermal imaging camera into their office so they could see the spread and power of Clem’s farts.


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