Man Renames Shop ‘Morrisinghs’ After Sainsbury’s Threaten For Calling It ‘Singhsbury’s’


A shop owner has changed the name of his business from ‘Singhbury’s’ to ‘Morrisinghs’ after Sainsbury’s threatened to sue him for the name being too similar.

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Jel Singh Nagra, who clearly has an absolutely killer sense of humour, was forced to take down the sign, which in addition to having a similar name, also included the same colours and font as the supermarket giant. In 2012, Sainsbury’s contacted Jel and threatened legal action if he didn’t take the sign down.


In response and in order to try and ruffle the feathers of another supermarket chain, he’s rebranding as ‘Morrisinghs’ – he’s even used similar branding like he did with the last sign. Here’s what the businessman had to say:

A lot of the customers come in here for the banter more than the actual service.

The sign makes us a talking point.

I do feel that the sign is bringing more business in.

If I get asked to take this one down I will fight for it.

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Legend. Within one day of posting a picture of his new shop sign on Facebook, the photo has been shared over 10,000 times. So something tells me if Morrisons do try and sue, Jel and his adoring fans are going to put up a good fight. Or maybe just change it to ‘Marks and Spensinghs’ and start the whole process again.

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