Man Pulls Live Shark Out Of Water And Pins It Down To Pose For Photographs (VIDEO)

Pose Shark Pictures

Humans, this isn’t cool.

It was only last week that a bunch of Argentinian people were roundly condemned for taking selfies on a beach with a dolphin that may or may not have been dead when they were taking them, but the exact same thing has pretty much happened over in Florida this past weekend. Do these people not pay attention to social media?

A video was captured at Palm beach by WPTV journalist Ashleigh Walters of an unnamed man pulling a shark out of the water to take pictures with him on the beach. He then pins the shark down to the beach and poses over him whilst everyone takes pictures on their mobile phones. Classy.

Thankfully the guy then does drag the shark back into the sea but it looks as though it is struggling to swim back out as the video ends. Walters does state that someone eventually pulled it further out to sea, but that it took a while for it to resurface after this.

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Although this incident does differ from the dolphin one in that the shark wasn’t left to die on the beach (or was already dead before they took the photos, depending on who you believe), it still obviously raises questions about whether this kind of behaviour and abuse of animals for a quick selfie is actually acceptable.

I don’t really think it is and I’m sure most people will agree with me, so hopefully this asshole is tracked down and fined or something to send out a warning to other people. I can’t actually believe that he did this so quickly after the dolphin video, but I suppose some people wills top at nothing for that one awesome selfie. Morons.


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