Killer Poses In The Street With Sword After Stabbing Random Woman To Death Because He Hates Americans (NSFW)

Man Poses With Sword Dead Woman

This is seriously messed up.

In what might be the most messed up news this month – on a par with that exorcism business with Morgan Freeman’s step granddaughter – a guy over in China stabbed a random woman to death then posed with her dead body in the street before being picked up by the cops. He said he stabbed her because he hated Americans.

The absolutely awful incident went down in the middle of Beijing in the Saniltun area known for its shopping, nightlife and tourism. The attacker – at this time only being referred to as Gao – apparently asked 28-year-old tattoo artist Gu Wenqing if her husband was American. Despite the fact that he was a Frenchman named Mariaud Romain, Gao still stabbed them both in the back with the metre long sword that he had been carrying around the area for three days.

He then posed in front of the dead body like he thought he was in Kill Bill or something until the cops showed up and he was arrested.

Random Woman Stabbed 1

Random Woman Stabbed 2

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The victim’s sister Gu Wendi has confirmed that the pair had no relationship with Gao and it was completely random:

The murderer said he hated Americans and asked whether my brother-in-law was an American.

My brother-in-law replied that he is French and asked him not to hurt them. But the man stabbed them in the back when they walked past him.

Absolutely screwed up. Gao is still in custody and will hopefully get punished severely for this – apparently he could face the death penalty. RIP Gu Wenqing.


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