This Man’s Phobia Of Cucumbers Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Cucumber Phobia

Thankfully his friends troll him to the extreme with it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of cucumbers – I mean what’s the point of them, they don’t even taste nice or add anything to a great sandwich – but I don’t have anywhere near as much of a problem with them as the guy in the video below.

For some reason he’s absolutely batshit terrified of the things and literally runs across the room whenever one of them is anywhere near him. Fortunately for us though, his friends aren’t too understanding of his predicament and instead have decided to constantly troll him by sneaking up on him with the dreaded vegetable. Or taping it to his arm. His reaction is really something else.

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That really is something else. I guess you might think that it’s fake because his reaction is so extreme but you can genuinely see the fear in this eyes at some points, especially when it’s taped up to him. It really does beg the question though of just why he hates cucumbers so much? How is it possible to get so terrified of a fucking vegetable?

At least when a cat gets scared of a cucumber it’s a bit more believable.


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