Man on Shrooms Grows Giant Penis

I can’t really say much more about this than the title, it says it all.


I went to Groezrock festival in Belgium over the weekend and did magic mushrooms (went to Eindhoven to pick them up from a headshop first, you know it)  for about the first time in ten years and boy was it great. Unfortunately I didn’t grow a giant penis though, I kinda just followed a bunch of people through the campsite and laughed at them a lot.

But yeah, when Spanish pop star Albert Pla takes magic mushrooms in the desert he grows a giant penis and loads of crazy stuff happens, like there are loads of lights and he’s dancing all over the place and there are loads of flowers sprouting out of the ground and in the sky and then he’s flying in the sky and there are some kind of electric things on cactuses and  it’s basically all that kind of hippy stuff everyone says  happens when you do magic mushrooms but probably only happens when you do LSD. But yeah the best thing about the video is probably that his penis is constantly changing length all the way through it and then smacks him in the face towards the end.

The song is kinda cool too I guess, I mean it’s just the kind of thing that if you thought about some Spanish people hanging out drinking beers with their buddies (or shrooming, whatever) you would probably imagine would be playing in the background. Apparently Albert Pla is a massive deal in Spain so that adds up.

Check out the video below. It’s animated, obviously.


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