Man In Nike Jumper Caught Having Open Sex With His Girlfriend In Broad Daylight

Guy Caught Sex Street

‘Just do it.’

Sometimes, you’re with a girl/guy and you just can’t wait and have to have sex with them as quickly as possible. Even if you’re in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

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Step forward this unknown man from Minsk in Belarus. Apparently he and his girlfriend just couldn’t wait any longer to bang and couldn’t even find anywhere discreet, opting instead to just do it right there and then in the middle of the street. No worries:

Couple Having Sex Street Broad Daylight

In fairness to the couple it was very early in the morning and they were apparently on their way back from a night out, but honestly who does that so close to a main road even if nobody was around? At least go in the bushes or down an alleyway or something.

It could get even worse for the pair as aside from having their picture posted all over the internet, if they’re identified they could be fined for ‘hooliganism’ (lol) or dissemination of pornography. They had better both lay low for the foreseeable future eh?

For another example of a couple that just couldn’t wait until they had some privacy, check out this woman giving a guy a blow job in the street over in Thailand.


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