Man Live-Tweets Feud With Woman On Delayed Flight, Gets Slapped In The Face

A man hilariously live-tweets his feud with a fellow passenger on board a Thanksgiving flight, which ultimately ends in him being slapped in the face.

So basically this dude named Elan Gale grew extremely irritated with another passenger on board a delayed flight, and decided to wind her up by sending her glasses of wine and passing her notes explaining why her attitude was just all wrong.

The passenger, by the sounds of it, was non-stop complaining about the flight being delayed and that she was going to be late to her Thanksgiving dinner, which must’ve been pretty much the same boat everyone else was in, except she was the only one kicking up a fuss and generally not helping things.

Elan Gale decided he’d have some fun with her during the flight. Here’s the entire experience in his own words:

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