Man Leaves Casino To Rob Bank; Returns To Casino To Gamble

Kerry Johnson

The definition of a gambling problem.

Gambling can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately it can get to the point where it gets out of hand and seriously starts to affect your livelihood.

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Enter 52-year-old Kerry Johnson from Charleston, South Carolina. Police claim that he recently turned up at the Mardi Gras Casino in a place called Nitro (awesome name for a place) at 10:00am and stayed there util 4:30pm the same day. The only thing is that around 3:00pm he placed a $25 chip down on the table to hold his spot and drove across town to rob the City National Bank in South Hill.

Johnson entered the bank, handed the tellers a note saying that he had a bomb and a weapon while asking for money. He then returned back to the casino and continued gambling, probably thinking that he had absolutely nailed the perfect alibi with that one.BlackjackUnfortunately that wasn’t the case though – police received an anonymous tip off that the bank robber lived on Churchill Drive in South Hills. When they arrived to search Johnson’s house they found that he drove the same car as the robber, had a pad of the same paper the robber used to write his note on, and similar clothes to what the robber was wearing during the incident.

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They also found a sizeable amount of cash money stuffed down the couch. Money stolen from the bank was also found at the blackjack table that Johnson had been playing at. I hope you won a few hands there, because it’s not looking good for you buddy.

On his part, Johnson is claiming that he’s innocent, has no recollection of the incident (good defence) and that he also has a gambling problem. It would seem that the two probably go hand in hand there bro. If found guilty (almost certainly, unless he’s the victim of some completely elaborate set up) then he faces twenty years in the slammer. Guess he gambled and he lost.

For more on robbers, check out the worst bank robber of all time. Yeah, worse than this guy. I mean in fairness he would have got away with it if it wasn’t for that anonymous tip, right?


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