Man Killed By Friends Who Were Trying To Turn Him Into A Vampire

Guy Died Being Turned Into Vampire

Like that was ever going to work.

A ridiculously grim story right here to brighten up your day about some moron who agreed to let his friends try and turn him into a vampire and unsurprisingly ended up dead.

The 24 year old guy’s name was Edwin Juarez Palma and this went down in the city of Chihuahua in the north of Mexico. Palma was tricked by his friends – Gustavo Dorantes, 18, Omar Sanchez, 25 and Iveth Lopez, 18 – into taking part in a ritual to become part of a Satanic cult known as the Sons Of Baphomet.

Instead of the initiation ceremony, Palma was tied up and then killed after one of the three persuaded the other two to kill him so he could be brought back to life as a vampire. This was after they tortured, strangled and beat him up first of course, in the toilets of a cyber cafe called Freak Shop which was owned by Sanchez.

His body was discovered by police in an alley in plastic bags after the ‘ceremony had gone wrong’. It’s thought that it was wrapped in plastic bags to try and pass it off as a cartel related crime, but the police were alerted to the bizarre truth after a protected witness came forward to tell how Palma had died. They then searched the Freak Shop and found traces of the victim’s blood.

Sons OF Balthazr

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The three have now been placed under arrest (see above) and face 40 years in prison each if found guilty. The police had the following statement:

This crime took place during an initiation ceremony led by a satanic sect called Sons of Baphomet 1 during which the victim was supposed to become a vampire.

All that’s left now to do is to arrest the leader of the sect whose name we haven, although he is currently still on the run.

Whoa. Kinda scary that the guy that started this sect is still out there and might succeed in brainwashing other people to commit crimes like this if he can’t be found. Kinda scary that he managed to even convince people to do this in the first place. Let’s hope they get this idiot before he convinces anyone else they might be able to turn into a vampire.

Maybe he could shack up with this woman who gets really horny when she drinks her boyfriend’s blood? At least they would have something in common.


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