Surgery Patient Has Best Possible Reaction To Taking Ketamine For The First Time

Ketamine is a hell of a drug.

Most of us probably end up doing ketamine at some dodgy house party by accident – or deliberately if you’re looking for that kind of trip – and we all know that it’s got a lot of hallucinatory qualities. But what we probably don’t know is that it’s actually a powerful pain killer too.

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If you were ever in doubt about either of those facts then all you need to do is watch the video below. It features some Scottish guy called Neil who has an ankle fracture and unfortunately needs it to be broken and reset before he has an operation to sort it out permanently.

Obviously that’s going to be really painful, so there’s only one answer and that’s ketamine. And trust me when I say that it is 100% the answer and absolutely what I’m going to be asking for if this ever ends up happening to me:

Wow. That guy just got his ankle broken, but it looked like he was having literally the best time ever.

I’ve got no idea where he went on that trip, but it kinda sounded to me like he was fantasising about having sex with someone, especially when he yells out “I’m a man”. What an absolutely killer line right there huh?

However, although this looks like super fun, we all know that there’s a darker side to ketamine too. Check out this diary of a ketamine addict to find out more. Grim.


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