Man Invents Obscenely Cute Backpack For His Dog To Carry Her Tiny Puppy In

Too much.

With all the horrible events going down in the world today, sometimes you just need a little positive story to lift up those sunken spirits and boy, do we have a good one.

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A lover of animals over in Vietnam has created a tiny denim backpack for his dog to carry around her puppy. Tran Tien’s two dogs, Tony and Tiny, recently had a litter of puppies. Although Tran was not expected the arrivals (he didn’t realise one of them was a female) he decided to keep one after giving the rest of them away.

Tran Tien and doggo

They were left with Teddy – the puppy that no one wanted – and he needed a way to transport their little keeper around town. Much to the world’s delight, Tran decided to painstakingly make a mini rucksack from an old jacket so he could take all the pups out without worrying. He said:

I love my dogs, they are my family.

Teddy loves it. It’s so cozy, in fact, he sometimes falls asleep during walks.

Not only is it a handy solution, but it’s also just the most adorable thing the world has ever seen. Just look at the three of them together:

dog backpack

And look how happy Teddy is:

dog backpack

Right, that’s too much cuteness for one day. If I see any more I might be sick.

Actually, maybe my stomach could handle one more story. But just the one.


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