A Man Has Had The Insides Of His Own Ears Taken Out In New Body Modification Trend

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For as long as I can remember, people out there have loved modifying their bodies in all manner of weird and wonderful ways, but I’ve never seen someone take it as far as the guy in this article.

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Whilst stretching your ears and getting plugs has been around for a long time, I don’t think it ever even occurred to anyone that they could rip out the inside of their own ears in an attempt to look cool or whatever, but a guy named Charles Bentley from Australia travelled all the way to Calm Body Modification in Sweden to get this procedure done. The procedure is called conch removal and involves taking out the concha – the middle bit of the outer ear, also known as the auricle or the pinna.

Chai Maibert own the studio and made the following post on social media about it:

Fresh #conchremoval on @charlesvbentley who traveled around the world from Australia to have this procedure performed by…

Posted by Chai At CALM – Body Modification Practitioner on Friday, 15 March 2019

I mean cool I guess? I never really got why people would want to do stuff like this to their bodies – piercings and different colours are cool sure – but if it makes them happy and it’s safe then I guess fair enough. Can’t really see this catching on the way that some of these trends have done in the past but stranger things have happened.

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