The Man Who Hit Tekashi 6ix9ine In Nightclub Says That He Deserved It



We rolled into he bank holiday weekend with a fairly funny video of a random guy punching Tekashi 6ix9ine in the back of the head at a Miami nightclub for no apparent reason and now today we’ve tracked him down to find out just why he decided to do it.

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The guy goes by the name ItzMrBHN on social media and is apparently a Grammy nominated producer who has worked with Soulja Boy and Chris Brown – although I think that might be a lie. Anyway, he decided to post the following justification of his actions:


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It was the right thing to do.

It was definitely the right thing to do. Hopefully that humbled him a little bit.

Now, he’s out passing out money and all that… no, you’re not that type of person, man.

You’re doing this for a look.

You can’t be good and evil man, pick a side… you can’t be out here saying, ‘I’m outside, I’ll do this and I’ll do that to you’ and then turn around and pass out money and stuff like that, and tell everybody, ‘I’m the nicest guy in the world’ – it’s not how it works.

He’s bullying too many people. And then he came in the club… and he kept videoing our section, and these guys kept walking past us. We don’t know that dude.

He bought bottles, we got a section. We got every right to be here as well. Just because this guy is walking by don’t mean nothing, he’s a regular human. He’s a human being.

I don’t care if he was the richest person in the world, he’s still a regular human being.

OK, I really don’t think that that statement has made any more sense as to why ItzMrBHN decided to punch Tekashi in the back of the head, but I guess it all equates to Tekashi basically being a major prick? Sounds like ItzMrBHN didn’t like him much beforehand and then when he was bothering him and his friends at the club he had had enough. Understandable really I suppose. Love ItzMrBHN for that. Keep the Grammy nominations coming bro.

For more of the same, check out the video of Tekashi getting hit. Ouch.



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