In China, you can get stabbed in the face and they will just leave the knife in your skull for four years

Over in China, a man has recently had a 10.5cm knife removed from his head after complaining of ‘continuous headaches.’ It turns out that the blade had been stuck in his head for four years after the victim was stabbed in the face following a robbery when he was working as a pedicab driver.

Li Fu, 37, explains: “One day I was carrying a passenger. When we reached the destination he suddenly put a knife to my neck, demanding money. I struggled and was stabbed in the face.The wound on my face sealed up gradually and I didn’t have other symptoms so I didn’t think of doing further check-ups.”

After the knife was discovered, Li Fu had surgery to have it removed, in which it was discovered that the knife was 1.8cm wide and 0.24cm thick. In case you’re having trouble picturing it, check out the X-Ray below to see how big it was:

Yeah, holy shit. At the time of the original incident, it is said that even though Li suffered from bleeding out of the mouth and ears that the doctors treating him failed to spot the huge knife lodged in his face. All I can say is, I hope I never have to go to a Chinese hospital.


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