Man Spots 9-Foot-Long Alligator In His Swimming Pool And Deals With It Like A Boss

Balls of steel.

This Florida family discovered a 9-foot-long, 300 lb alligator taking a dip in their backyard swimming pool after it managed to rip its way through their patio screen.

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Craig Lear says he went to let the cats out when he saw bubbles coming to the surface of the pool and to his surprise came across the gator.

The total legend/maniac then grabbed a rope, tied it round the alligator’s head and fished it out of the pool:


Serious, serious balls right there. I mean what would the rest of us do in this situation? I’m pretty sure I’d just let the alligator live there for as long as he wants. I’ll happily let him take ownership of my swimming pool which I paid for if he promises not to eat me for breakfast. It’s a bit like that spider I found in the back of the cupboard once. Closed the cupboard door and never opened it again. I’d rather just hand my possessions over to the spiders and alligators than ever have to confront them in a million years.

The good news is he didn’t tie the alligator up in his backyard and keep is as a sex toy – which has happened in Florida before, believe it or not.


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