Man Chased Down Oxford Street And Beaten By Woman Who Accuses Him Of Filming Up Her Skirt (VIDEO)

How humiliating.

A man accused of filming up a woman’s skirt with his mobile was pinned to the ground by members of the public who performed a citizen’s arrest.

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The 36-year-old was arrested on suspicion of voyeurism after he was accused of placing a shopping bag containing a mobile phone between her legs. Bit of a weird technique? Try mirrors on your shoes next time:

The creepy pervert type isn’t exactly known for being the toughest or most resilient type of criminal, but man was this guy made to look like a total wuss. Obviously not condoning what he did but surely he could have made a better escape attempt than that? Instead he got mobbed in the middle of Oxford Street while whining like baby, and nearly had a hole stomped through him by that girl.

UPDATE: The man was later deemed innocent after police went through his phone and found nothing. So… I take that all back I guess?

For the time this happened in China and the pervert was forced to eat his memory card on camera, click HERE.


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