Man Dresses Up As Woman On Tinder; Proves Online Dating Is A Thousand Times Easier For Women

It’s incredible how well this actually worked.

This guy isn’t going to win any prizes for basically proving the obvious here, but it’s still an interesting look at how much easier online dating is for women than it is for men. Is it down to the effectiveness of his disguise though or the fact guys on Tinder are the thirstiest animals alive?

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Watch below:

Incredible. Is going from this:


To this:


… literally all it takes to improve your Tinder matches? I mean I’d understand if this was an actual transgender woman (our Tinder round-ups prove why) but this is literally just some guy who got his eyebrows done, put some slap and a wig on and is now matching dudes all over the place.

I mean this message just says it all really:


Would’ve been great to see him actually go on a date and attempt to keep up a fake girl’s voice. Then again, some blokes probably wouldn’t even complain.


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