Armed Maniac Storms London Bus; Gets Decimated By Unexpected Hero (VIDEO)

Hero of the week.

A man on a London bus showed real balls yesterday afternoon as he wrestled with a crazy knifeman and managed to disarm him.

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Footage emerged of the pair fighting on the number 149 bus in Stoke Newington, Hackney.

As the attacker runs away, the hero yells “I’m an African, you’ll never take my life”, which doesn’t really make sense but is a pretty bad-ass thing to say regardless:

How about everyone else just standing around and filming while this bloke risks his life to make sure no one gets stabbed to death? That’s the kind of community spirit you’ll find on a bus in London. Luckily this guy was too powerful for the knifeman to handle, and escaped with only minor cuts to his hand. Legend.

No arrests have been made yet but if you recognise the attacker, you know what to do.

To watch a man get Sparta kicked through the window of a double decker bus, click HERE.


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