Man Dies On Christmas Day After Trying To Blow Up Condom Machine

Condom Machine Exloded

Worst Christmas ever.

An unnamed 29 year old man has died in hospital after he was hit in the head with shrapnel from an explosion that he had set off whilst attempting to blow up a condom machine.

The madcap scheme went down in Germany on Christmas Day on a stretch of road in Schoeppingen, which is near Munster. The man and his two accomplices planned to blow up the condom machine so that they could steal the money from inside it – and maybe a few johnnies too whilst they were at it.

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Unfortunately though the dude completely screwed up the plan and failed to close the door of the getaway vehicle in time, causing him to be hit in the head with the debris. His accomplices rushed him to hospital where they told doctors that he had slipped down the stairs and banged his head but they became suspicious when they were treating him and called the police.

After the two were interrogated by the police they broke and came clean about the whole scheme. Unfortunately, this was too late for the doctors to do anything about their friend and he sadly passed away. But to be fair, if you’re gonna blow up a condom machine then you really shouldn’t leave the door of your car open so the debris can smash you in the head, should you? That’ll teach him.


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