A Man Confessed To Raping A Child During A Lie Detector Test For Other Offences

Eat your heart out Jeremy Kyle.

I’ve never really thought about the implications of taking a lie detector test and the fact that once you’re hooked up to it you could be asked about anything unrelated to the reason you’re taking it in the first place and people would be able to find out if you were telling the truth or not – it’s a scary idea.

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No doubt it was an absolutely terrifying prospect for 46 year old David Nicholson from Northumberland, who for some reason agreed to do a lie detector test with paedophile vigilante group Dark Justice after he was caught by them attempting to meet up with a 13 year old girl for sexual relations. Not really sure what he was hoping to achieve from agreeing to it as he had literally been caught in the act of grooming a young girl for sex, but there you go.

Whatever the reason, he no doubt absolutely shat himself when he was asked about sexual relations with young girls and rape because for some reason he fessed up that he had once raped an 11 year old girl whilst living at a bedsit in Sunderland over a decade ago. I guess maybe he felt tortured and wanted to be punished for his crimes, but even so this seems like a completely bizarre way to go about it.

Nicholson has now been sentenced to nine years and four months after he admitted six counts of indecent assault and rape. Gotta say I totally rate that – he deserves it and should probably be locked up for longer. I guess the fact that he seems to have realised that his actions were completely and utterly wrong is somewhat of a good sign in his rehabilitation, but I just dunno if people like that can be trusted with their freedom. We’ll see.

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