Man Complains To Police That Prostitute Only Gave Him Ten Minutes Of Sex Instead Of Half An Hour


Definitely worthy of a 999 call.

Yesterday a man from Manchester rang up the police to complain that he only received ten minutes of sex from the prostitute that he had hired, instead of the usual half an hour.

The incident came to light in a tweet from the Greater Manchester Police Newton Heath, which you can see below:

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Great use of hashtags there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the police pursued the investigation so there aren’t any other details about it, which is a great shame because I would really like to know what was going on here. I’ve never actually hired a prostitute myself (surprise surprise) but I would have thought the procedure was that you get what you pay for or at least get to finish? I mean did she just get off this guy’s dick after ten minutes and leave him lying there with a massive boner? How exactly did this work?

Of course, it could just be someone trolling the Manchester police department as they’ve recently been getting a lot of stupid and pointless calls, including a man who informed the police that his wife was ‘driving him round the bend’ and a woman who was complaining that a gym wouldn’t let her in, even though she didn’t have a membership there.

Manchester is full of some crazy cats right? Remember this 35 year old woman who was left traumatised after she lost her teddy bear? Nutters.


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