A Man Is Claiming That His Dad Cooked His Fleshlight After Mistaking It For Vegan Meat


With the vast plethora of vegan options available to us now, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between real meat and it’s vegan substitute and apparently at least one person in the world finds it hard to tell the difference between vegan meat and a flashlight as well.

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This was the amusing story that was told on Twitter by a guy called Callum O’Duinn. He informed his followers that his father had somehow confused his fleshlight with a piece of ‘vegan meat’ and cooked it up for him to tuck into, along with some potatoes and cabbage. Scrumptious.

Here’s the tweet that started it all:

Hmmm. Not really sure if I’m buying that, particularly as I’ve never heard of anyone sticking a fleshlight in the freezer to disinfect it? Not even sure if that would really work.

People did however believe Callum’s story, with the tweet racking up 113,000 likes at the time of writing. he did eventually come clean though, saying that it was a joke because the piece of gammon he had looked a bit like a vulva.

Kinda disappointed with that tbh because I actually found the whole thing kinda believable because parents actually can be that stupid and unaware of things these days. The whole putting the fleshlight thing in the freezer just didn’t add up though and I guess that’s why he got found out. Unlucky pal.

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