Man Charged With Assault at Annual Monopoly Tournament After Being Refused Entry

Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

A man who turned up to compete in the Annual Stone County OACAC Monopoly Tournament in Branson West last Saturday is being charged with assault after starting a vicious brawl.

John Litton, 69, turned up to the Monopoly Tournament with high hopes, but due to his unsportsmanlike conduct in the 2014 tournament, the organisers banned him from taking part — that’s when things turned ugly.


Litton kicked off big time and started fighting other competitors in an attempt to sabotage the tournament and get his revenge on Branston’s monopoly loving community. It probably looked a little something like this:

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Although no one was seriously injured in the brawl, Litton now faces five counts of assault, as well as disturbing the peace and trespassing; he’s being held in Stone County Jail for his sins.

All in all, it’s safe to say that James Litton did not ‘pass go’, nor did he collect 200 dollars.


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