24-Year-Old Man Bricked To Death By Teenagers After Making ‘Sexual Comments’ To Two Young Girls



Wild story out of Nottingham this week as two teenagers murdered a 24-year-old man after he made ‘sexual comments’ about a pair of girls at a skate park.

Jack Edwards, who was 6ft 8 tall, made the crude remarks to the teenage girls as he propositioned them at Sussex Street Skate Park near Nottingham College.

One of the girls called a 13-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons, who then turned up to the park with two of his buddies, including Kai Hewitt, 19, who showed up in a hood and mask.

A cordon was put in place outside Nottingham College following the incident at the Sussex Street Skate Park.

There was a confrontation and it sounds like Jack Edwards was not scared whatsoever of a 3-on-1 showdown with a bunch of teenagers (well, he was 6ft 8 tall), and so he took off his shirt and bag and started ‘flexing his muscles’ like a WWE wrestler.

At this point, the teens began pelting him with objects, including a brick that barely missed him and broke in two on the ground. The 13-year-old picked up the fragments, handing one to Howitt while walking towards Jack who was now trying to back away.

They then threw the pieces of brick at the victim at close range and with some force, hitting him in the head at the same time.

Jack, who had been released from prison on the day of the incident, suffered a catastrophic brain injury and died two days later.

Edwards, 24, had been released from prison on the day he was attacked

Jurors heard the 13-year-old boasted about the murder afterwards and Googled how long jail sentences for ‘bricking’ someone are. After a friend texted him ‘Kai bricked that yute,’ he replied: ‘I did it as well.’

Another friend referred to him as ‘little murderer’, to which he responded with a laughing emoji.

In another message, a friend said: ‘Bruv what you doing hitting someone wid a brick fam u man are going jail.’

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Kai was identified after taking off his mask while on a tram and being traced back to his address.

In a statement, Jack Edwards’ family said they were devastated by his loss:

‘We are still trying to process what has happened and comprehend the fact that Jack is no longer with us. He was only 24 years old. It is difficult for us to put into words the emotions we are feeling right now but we are devastated.  He was much-loved, and leaves behind a mum, a dad, a brother, a sister and many other family and friends.’

Now obviously Jack Edwards was no angel given he had literally just been released from prison and was already chatting up young girls at the skate park, but it’s never nice to hear about someone meeting such a brutal and completely unavoidable demise, for such a completely stupid reason. Of course it’s not just Jack Edwards who has lost his life, but also the two teenagers responsible who I imagine will be put away for quite some time.

The two teens will be sentenced on July 15.

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