Man Throws Bowling Ball At Employee’s Head In Insane Bowling Alley Fight (VIDEO)

Oh my days.

Is throwing a bowling ball at someone’s head considered attempted murder? If it isn’t, it probably should be. And if you disagree you might feel differently after watching the footage below.

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The surveillance video shows a group of disgruntled bowlers in Roseville, Michigan picking a fight with an employee over god knows what. It makes for pretty uncomfortable viewing, so consider yourself warned:

Let’s get the good news out of the way first – two of the men in the video have been arrested and, incredibly, the employee has since made a full recovery. That’s a relief considering he received a dozen or so punches, a stool to the head, a bowling ball to the head, got suplexed onto the floor and stomped many, many times.

The biggest twist is that I initially thought the dude in the white T-shirt was on the side of the employee, or maybe just a bystander who was trying to diffuse the situation. Well that was pretty clearly not the case in the end. 

Shame the employee didn’t have a good friend nearby to come in with some devastating fly kicks to save the day – love it when that happens.


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