Man Viciously Assaults His Brother Because He Ate 3 Big Macs And Didn’t Save Him One

What kind of person buys 3 Big Macs and won’t even share one with his own brother?

A Pennsylvania man is facing assault charges after beating the shit out of his own brother because he ate 3 Big Macs and didn’t save him one.

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Thomas Veres, 47, was allegedly so furious he destroyed the home they both live in together, smashing up the furniture and leaving his brother with injuries to his eye, cheek and ear.

He was arrested for simple assault and harassment and is in jail on a $2,500 bond.


So on the one hand, it is a bit of an overreaction to physically hurt someone for not leaving you any food. But at the same time this is 3 Big Macs we’re talking about here. Are you telling me he couldn’t save Thomas just one? This guy sounds like the most selfish motherfucker on the planet.

It’s even worse when you consider they’re brothers. You’ve got to know your bro well enough to know how he’d react if you eat all the Big Macs without leaving him any. Sounds like he was intentionally trying to wind him up if you ask me. Well, he got what he was looking for didn’t he?

Reminds us of that classic video of that meth head who lost the plot after she couldn’t get any McChicken Nuggets.


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