Man Gets Arrested After Stabbing Himself To Bunk A Day Off Work

Man stressed at work

Should’ve just used the old migraine excuse.

A 54-year-old man named Masaru Miura from Japan was so stressed out with his job that he stabbed himself just to get the day off. Bit intense mate – he should’ve just said he had a migraine or something.

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Miura told police that he was stabbed in the hip by an attacker early on Wednesday morning last week. However, after being questioned by the police, they quickly discovered inconsistencies in his story and he soon confessed to stabbing himself with the knife.

Apparently he had found the knife near a subway ticket station at Nagoya Municipal and had a lightbulb moment – “I know, I’ll stab myself in the hip.” Genius. He was eventually arrested for interfering with police duties.

I guess on the plus side, Miura is going to get a fair chunk of time off work now… because he’ll be in jail.

I joke and jest about this dude’s situation, but overworking in Japan is definitely a serious issue. Hundreds of people commit suicide each year, with work stress noted as the leading cause of depression and unhappiness. So I guess the government should look at this incident as a warning to cut its workers some slack. Which it looks like they already are – apparently the government is thinking about introducing three-day weekends in some of its big businesses. That would certainly help.


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