Man Tries To Citizen’s Arrest Stripper After She Refused To Have Sex With Him

Here’s why you should never give money up front.

A retired lawyer tried to make a citizen’s arrest against a Florida stripper when she refused to have sex with him or return money he had paid her.

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After complaining about the girl to police who said they couldn’t do anything about it, 62-year-old John L. Ciardi said he would arrest her himself. The cops warned him that if he tried that, he would be the one arrested.

John wasn’t letting it go though, because he’d paid Marianny Beitez $300 for “services”, and she didn’t deliver (apparently it was $100 for a private dance and $200 for the extras which didn’t materialise).

John went back inside the venue and met with the manager, Marisa Hernandez, who also refused to return his cash.

John then “became aggressive” and threatened to destroy the place, but eventually “stormed off with an unsatisfied attitude”.

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Well, you win some, you lose some. Still, as a former lawyer John really shouldn’t be finding himself in this kind of situation. Of course a stripper’s going to take your money regardless of whether she delivers the services or not; that’s what strippers do. Their job description is basically “take money”. No one is better at that than strippers.

At the same time though, very surprising a stripper from Florida wouldn’t deliver on her extras. Would expect her to take a bit more pride in her work considering that place pretty much breeds them.


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