Male Masseuse Faces Jail After Kissing And Sniffing Young Female Client

Woman being massaged

Perverted to the extreme.

Masseuse Rasika Kobbekaduwa is facing a second jail sentence after he sniffed a female client while he was giving her a massage. And the incident is made so much worse due to the fact that he was previously in prison for exposing himself on London buses.

Back in 2012 Kobbekaduwa exposed himself on five separate occasions, which led to his 15 month jail sentence and a ban on travelling on buses. Despite quite clearly being on the Sex Offenders Register, Kobbekaduwa managed to land a job as a massage therapist at the Healing Hands Prana Spa in Camden. Surely if you’re going to be touching naked, oily people all day, you’d at least need some sort of criminal background check?


Appears not as Kobbekaduwa was given the job pretty soon after getting out of prison, although unfortunately he couldn’t keep his hands (and nose) to himself. Apparently when a 21 year old female client came in for his services, he asked her to pull down her knickers and lie down. Once she was on the massage table he then ‘kissed or sniffed her’ causing her to confront him and call 999.

During the court case, prosecutor Maureen Flaherty, said:

She (the victim) was directed downstairs and was content that the spa appeared to be a professional operation.

But the masseur (Kobbekaduwa) removed her underwear and either kissed or sniffed her.

His defender, Daniel Chadwick, said that the reason he acted like a total perv was a result of Kobbekaduwa’s former job as a military policeman, where he was required to deal with opponents of the Sri Lankan government. Apparently this involved sexual assaults and humiliation and that’s why Kobbekaduwa suffers from creepy hand syndrome.

Judge Michael Gledhill QC decided that this was not a good enough excuse and said that Kobbekaduwa is a danger to women and is likely to do it again. Although he hasn’t been sentenced yet, it is expected to be quite a hefty one.

Can’t decide what would be worse — being massaged by a flasher or by a pile of python snakes.


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