Making A Murderer Lawyer Dean Strang Is Getting His Own TV Show

Dean Strang

It’s called Dean Strang: Road To Justice.

When Making A Murderer finished, I figured that the only time we would be seeing Steven Avery’s defence lawyer Dean Strang again would be in interviews about Making A Murderer or in a possible sequel.

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Turns out that – like with most things – I was completely and utterly wrong and apparently he was such a hit with the viewers out there that he’s actually been tapped up to star in his own TV show. It’s catchily entitled ‘Dean Strang: Road To Justice’ and will apparently feature the ‘celebrity’ lawyer taking a look at ‘landmark legal cases that demonstrate major flaws in the criminal justice system.’

Dean Strang

The show will be presented in the same style as ‘Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown’. Production company Covert Media is filming an eight episode run and they’re currently searching for a network to pick it up with Netflix currently being the favourite. I mean due to the popularity of Making A Murderer it really is a no brainer isn’t it?

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I’m not really sure if this will have the same impact as the seminal show though due to its episodic format and the fact that I’m not really sure if Strang has it in him to be a charismatic TV presenter, despite his admirable moral centre. I’m sure that a whole bunch of people are going to check it out when it drops all the same though because everyone pretty much had a crush on him in the show. It’s just a shame Jerry Buting isn’t along for the ride as well.

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