Magician Rips Up Homeless Man’s Sign Like An Asshole Then Blows His Mind With This Amazing Trick

Magician Homeless Guy Trick

Woah – we definitely didn’t expect that to happen.

Magic tricks are usually always cool – like this one of a chopped down tree rising up of its own accord – and they’re even better if they help someone out.

That’s exactly what happened in this one where magician Rob Anderson played a trick on a homeless army veteran. Rob had heard that he was a genuinely nice guy and was just trying to make everyone smile, regardless of whether he was going to receive any money from them or not. When Rob heard this he wanted to find out if this was true, and if it was he wanted to help him out.

So Rob went down there and acted like a complete asshole to him, drawing dollar signs on his sign and then ripping it up. When he didn’t react though Rob surprised him with an awesome magic trick. And that’s what it’s all about. like when this YouTuber gave a homeless guy a new set of teeth and a new life.


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