Jailed Mafia Boss Caught Having Sex In His Cell With A ‘Human Rights Activist’

Russian Mafia Boss Caught Having Sex Jail Cell

She was supposed to be checking up on how he was being treated in prison.

A mafia boss incarcerated in a prison in Sverdlovsk Oblast in Central Russia has been caught on camera having sex with a ‘human rights activist’ who would regularly visit him to participate in ‘counselling sessions’.

Although staff at the prison did note that their ‘sessions’ used to take a bit longer than usual, none of them were able to figure out what was really going on in his cell until this video was leaked to local media. It’s unclear how the video was recorded or distributed at this point.

The Russian prison has also been criticised because the room in the video looks more like a nice Russian house rather than a prison cell. I suppose if you’re a mafia boss you get looked after in the slammer though.

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The woman – only known as Larissa Z – was supposed to visit the boss to check that he was being treated humanely and was satisfied with his prison conditions. I guess after theses sessions he was happier than he had been previously though.

It’s unclear at this point though whether the Mafia boss is a straight up G who managed to seduce this human rights activist after a couple of visit and get her to start bonking him, or whether she was sent by his organisation undercover to show him a good time whilst he was banged up. I kinda wanna think it’s the first option but suspect it was the second one unfortunately.

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