AMC are letting you create a cartoon character of yourself in the style of Mad Men. That’s fvcking cool right?

Does anybody like the TV show Mad Men? I sure do, but judging by the amount of hits that my review of Roger Stirling’s fictional autobiography (which isn’t actually an autobiography) received, maybe not that many people think that Mad Men is a sick chirpse.

Anyway, on the off chance that anyone does I thought I’d share this cool little feature that AMC (the network that the show is shown on in the states) is offering this where you can design a caricature of yourself in the style of Mad Men. Pretty awesome right? Here’s my attempt, see if you can guess which character I am:

Clearly you can have a lot of fun with this. Or maybe about five minutes of fun before you realise how stupid it is. Still, it was kind of cool to make a character that was smoking a cigarette and had another one in his hand. Check it out right here.


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