Here’s Some On Set Footage Of Mad Max 4

Mad Max 4 Weird Vehicle

Mad Max was a pretty awesome movie but it’s crazy that a 4th movie is coming out 29 years after the last one. Fans weren’t too happy when told it would be mostly CGI, but this footage from the set of some cool vehicles bombing around the desert has got people excited again.

Mad Max 4 Weird Vehicle

I didn’teven know that there were plans to make a fourth Mad Max movie but I guess it makes sense considering everything is getting revamped at the moment, from obvious ideas like continuing the Scream and American Pie trilogies to slightly more stupid ones like remaking Total Recall and putting Colin Farrell in the Arnold Schwarzenegger role and not setting it on Mars. So yeah it makes sense to reboot the Mad Max franchise, although it’s kind of lame that Tom Hardy is going to be playing Mad Max and not Mel Gibson although apparently there’s a cool cameo from Mel Gibson in the movie which I guess is a nice little Easter Egg for the people that can remember when the original came out 35 years ago. Oof. It’s also kind of lame that it’s called Fury Road too, which sounds like a Bruce Springsteen song not a Mad Max movie.

Still, although expectations might have been low when it was announced (to be honest I’m sure a lot of people’s expectations were non existant as I doubt too many people even picked up on the fact that it had even been announced) because the creator of Mad Max – some dude called George Miller – said he was going to be filiming it as a 3D live action movie with a bunch of CGI which just sounds lame because one of the coolest parts of the original Mad Max movies was the live action weirdness and cool vehicles and apocalyptic landscape. Granted, every big movie is going to be 3D and have a bunch of CGI in it but the fact that this was announced like it was a big deal just made it sound even dumber and more lame.

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However, fans have been a bit more excited about this amateur fan footage of the set since it emerged a couple of days ago due to the fact that there are a bunch of modified trucks and cars in it that seem to stay true to the spirit of the original, rather than relying on CGI to create the post apocalypitc world as was originally feared and would probably end up looking like a straight to DVD movie called something like Desert Pursuit or Apocalypse Trail. I just made up both of those names and unfortunately there is a movie called Desert Pursuit  from 1952 which might make me look a bit stupid if anyone else had bothered to investigate, but surprisingly nobody has used Apocalypse Trail yet. If you’re a dab hand with CGI and fancy releasing it then be mey guest to use that name.

But yeah, these vehicles bombing around the desert look pretty awesome – even though the footage is totally boring and the music over it is overly dramatic and misplaced – so maybe Mad Max 4 will be good and there will be some cool action sequences on Fury Road. Maybe Bruce Srpingsteen can even record the soundtrack. If not I’m sure some of these vehicles would be welcomed with open arms at this years Boomtown Fair. Or maybe next year’s, as we’ve gotta wait until 2014 until Mad Max Fury Road comes out,  so don’t get too excited about any of those things actually happening.

Check out the footage below:

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